Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yes, No, Maybe

Yes, I am alive.
No, I wasn't abducted by aliens yet again.
Maybe I should explore blogging from space...but then I'd have to figure out how to get there, plus I think my hair would suck in space.

Yes, I am still baking.
No, I haven't made anything new in the last 3 weeks - I'm stuck on repeat.
Maybe I should ban myself
for 6 months from all old recipes and ban myself from procrastination; though I think I'll wait on that last part.

Yes, I still think of my blog every single, solitary day.
No, I do not think this wretched lack of inspiration is permanent
Maybe I shoudn't use single and solitary together - isn't that redundant and unnecessary? Isn't using both redundant and unnecessary also redundant and unnecessary?

Yes, I can't stop thinking of those muffins.
No, I don't regret introducing them to you - despite the several "I'm now in rehab, bitch!" emails.
Maybe I should start baking with iceberg lettuce as the base of all dishes. Or, anchovies.

Yes, at least I'm still twittering.
No, that is not something I do by myself, alone, in the closet, while wearing a blue wig.
Maybe I should wear a blue wig and live in a closet, but how would my natural hair breathe?

Yes, I have a most severe case of blogstipation.
No, I'm not aware of any medication for it, including Senna Tea.
Maybe I should make Grandma Iny's Prune Cake, hoping that maybe it will give me blogarrhea.

Yes, I really will try to post more often.
No, I do NOT like the bottom of my feet touched, EVER; although I do like the smell of feta and don't feel I'm eating cheese made of feet.
Maybe I shouldn't write everything that just pops into my head...


Missing you all! And yes, I do promise that NO, I will never write a yes, no, maybe post again, unless...well...maybe I shouldn't promise anything except -- I promise to never go exactly the speed limit and I will probably never use margarine to shave my legs. There, I commit.