Wednesday, August 20, 2008

That One Damn Book

Ann: I'm running to the book store, I'll be back later.
Tony: Can you pick up that one book Eric is reading?
Ann: Yes. I'll walk up to the help counter and say can you point me in the right direction? I'd like to buy that one book Eric is reading.

Funny, I don't recall psychic abilities being part of the marriage vows.

However, it is quite endearing that he thinks me either so omnipotent or omniscient, or just so capable, that I can take the above information from him, and nothing else, and FIND THAT BOOK.

There was one day when I swore I was seeing his aura and I told him I thought it was indigo. Or was that his shirt and it was just after my eye appointment where I had my pupils dilated? Well, either way - the guy believes in me like there is no tomorrow and I'm going to find that damn book Eric is reading.


Anonymous said...

Well, damn. Now I want to what the heck Eric is reading.

Our men really do love us, don't they?

Anonymous said...

I just finished "Master of the Delta" by Thomas Cook; that's a good book. Maybe Eric is reading that book.

Your post is dripping with sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

My husband is the same way; he provides me with very little information, but has 100% confidence that I can get the job done. If that's part of the pedestal he places me upon, I'm taking it.

flutter said...

does he do tarot, too?

dharmamama said...

I called a bookstore once to see if they carried a book, and the name of the book and author completely dropped out of my brain while the phone was ringing. When the guy picked up the phone I said, "I'm looking for that book... I can't remember the title or author... do you have it?" He started laughing and said, "I believe we do!" I was able to rememeber one word: Buddha. So I said, "It's... something about Buddha." And he said, "If You Meet the Buddha On the Road, Kill Him! Is that it?"

It was. They had it. Only once since then - when a book fell off a shelf and hit me in my head - have I felt so much like I was *supposed* to read something.

I believe you can find that book that Eric's reading.

And, of course, once you do, you have to tell us what it was!

Sugar Jones said...

Maybe he is trying to understand women better... could he be reading Forever? hahahaha...

I'm in the middle of Amy Tan's memoir, The Opposite of Fate. Right before that I had The Time Traveler's Wife on my night stand. Both great reads.

John D. said...

Hahaha. Here's 1/20 of the information you'll need, now get me the intended result. The result that's IN MY HEAD - DUH! I usually get this at least once a day from the boss. In MY case, I consider this sheer idiocy. But in your case, I do believe it's love and faith in you. : )

Ann said...

Meagan: I know, I want to know too - and it better be worth it. They ARE good to us, aren't they?

Morton: That sounds like a book he'd like, actually. Totally flipping my hair on the sarcasm comment.

Sarah b.: I agree. I'll take any pedestal I'm offered, frankly, and why the heck not, right? AMEN, sister!

Flutter: He's taking appointments.

Dharmamama: See? I do kinda think I can go there and they'll be all "Oh, YEAH, that Eric book? Of COURSE! Right over here, ma'am."

Sugar: You brought me back to teenage years. "Dear God, It's Me Margaret".

John: Too kind, too kind. If I can't live up to it, I think I'll claim a lapse in medication.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I'm curious now! I want to know what's Eric reading! Man... They have simpler minds, bless them!

Anonymous said...

Why? Why? Why does everyone think that we are mind readers? I get the same thing all the time. Particularly from Josh who assumes that I know Army slang. Which I don't. The only one I know is SNAFU and that's only because it contains my very most favorite four letter word.


"I'm going to ANCOC next week."


Good for you. Which small worn-torn eastern European country was that before it split and changed its name??

It's a military school, BTW. Who would have known?

Certainly not I.


P.S. You are forgiven. Darning is more fun to say than to do anyway.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Ok, so what IS Eric reading? My husband is the same way only he'd forget Eric's name too! OY.

Leslie said...

sound like me and my husband..very lovingly sarcastic with eachother!

Anonymous said...

I have a similar situation with my dear husband. He misplaces his keys, gloves, sunglasses, what have you, and then wonders if I know where he put them. That would be a NO, dear, I don't know. I'm busy trying to remember where I put my own sh*t!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I used to spend half my day as a bookseller doing just that: finding books with little to go on.

(And now I'm guilty of doing the same, with a smirk, of course.)

Jennifer S said...

Hmm, wonder if Eric reads your blog? That would be helpful.

Manager Mom said...

You mean, "To love, honor, and read your mind" was not part of YOUR wedding vows?

NV said...

I can't help but think of a very old Roseanne Barr bit where she talks about her husband (and this was long before Tom Arnold) saying:
"Roseanne, where's my socks? Roseanne, where's my car keys? Like the uterus is a tracking device."

hungryandfrozen said...

Aw. I love your slices of life just as much as your slices of pie and cake :D

Real Live Lesbian said...

A friend of mine told me about a good book about a month ago. Would you pick up that one for me while you're channelling friends minds at the bookstore?

Anonymous said...

ann you're so funny. your posts always bring a smile to my face. one day, if you're cool with that, i'm gona put u in my book as the coolest character in the world ;) x