Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday To Thee

Today is my beloved's day of being birthed into the world. Now, this is not just any ordinary birthday. Oh nay. Tony requires an entire birthday month. Yeah, and I'M the high maintenance one in the relationship. Uh huh. The build-up starts usually around mid-March - I'm reminded, in no uncertain terms, that his birthday month is coming up. Ohmagod, really? I would have otherwise forgotten! What would a girl do without those reminders? I mean, you know how us girls are so forgetful of taking care of business. Umm hmm.

To My Dear and Loving Husband (riffing on Anne Bradstreet here) - Happy Birthmonth To You, darling.

For this momentous occasion, I thought I'd just toss out a few Reasons I Love Thee:

*You never get bent out shape about anything - you fully realize that is my job and appreciate how good I am at it

*You call mascara "eyeshadow" - I dunno, there is just something rather adorable about this

*You're willing to answer the same question over and over and over: do you like this piece of string? You do? Are you sure? What do you like about it? And you're totally sure you like it? You wouldn't just say you like it? So you really like it? Okay. Eight hours later: you really did like it?

*You accept all my neuroses, pffffft, not that I have any though

*You love that frickin' Chipotle as much as I do

*You understand my almost freakish love of animals and love that about me

*You set bugs free from our house, if I ask you to

*You stay clear of my obsession with white dishes and little, useless trays

*You tolerate my ridiculous obsession with our dogs' health and nutrition

*You don't judge if I stay in my pajama pants all weekend

*You believe me when I say my wingspan is 7 feet

Lastly, you are the very kind of person which I wish the rest of the human race would strive to be.

What's for dinner? Well, of course your favorite - Red Velvet Cake. What else? Let the Birthmonth begin...