Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Overheard In Our Household

T: I'll turn off the lights up here.
A: My god, it's a miracle.

A (loudly, to dog): Wylie, don't look at me like that about your father!
[Me, always trying to hint that I'm favored by the dogs. So dumb.]

T: Goodnight, honey.
A: What's that supposed to mean?
[It really just meant that I HAD to stop my incessant insomniac drone]

T: You wanna go along on this trip with me?
A: At the last minute? What about the dogs?
T: We can figure it out.
A: You mean I can figure it out, make 8 zillion calls and totally stress about it, last minute?
T: Yeah, that. But...
A: No, I'll stay here and stress instead.

During a recent total shut-in weekend:
A: Wanna go get Chipotle?
T: We'd have to leave the house?
A: Yeah.
T: Oh. Hmmm. Then, no.
A: Yeah, seems like too much, doesn't it?
[Wow, huh? Think we stayed in our pajamas the entire weekend, livin' LARGE.]

A: Let's move to Amsterdam.
T: What would we do for a living?
A: Smoke pot, of course! [right, we barely drink]
T: Oh, okay - and how would we pay for that?
A: We could charge people to look at our dogs.
T: Why would people pay for that?
A: Because they're THAT cute, duh!
T: [Exhales, shakes head, walks away...]

A: Do you think I'm generally overall weird?
T: Yes.
A: Do you think other people think I'm weird?
T: Well, yeah, but it's a good weird.
A: A good weird? Well what does that mean, exactly?
T: Just a good weird, like an eclectic weird.
A: Hmmm. Well, then - what would a bad weird be?
A: Uh huh.

Any good "Overheards" in your household lately?


Unknown said...

I need to find myself a "T" :)

Anonymous said...

I think my husband has said exactly the same thing about me being eclectic. I think weird must also mean "sexy, hot babe". Otherwise, why would our incredibly smart husbands pick us?

Anonymous said...

These are great! My kids have some good ones. I should do a post. But here's one from a night out last week:

me: I wish someone would ride that mechanical bull...

J: I think you would be pretty good at it

me: Yeah, I think so too

J: I think I would fall on my ass and break my shoulder

me: Yeah, I think so too

Ann said...

Kimberly - LOL! Maybe we could share him - he's always dreamed of a threesome... ;)

StandingStill - Dang, I love you right now. WHY didn't I know you when I lived in MPLS? WHY?

Kspin - That's awesome! Sometimes it's just those small conversations that are really priceless.

Anonymous said...

I love your household, can I move in?

Anonymous said...

Overheards? How about my husband telling me that I needed to quit being "the man" in our relationship. Oooookay. Let me put my jockstrap away...

NV said...

No T around. Just the mother. Here's this gem from last night when she was convinced there was a presidential debate:

Mo: They said it on the news that it was at 8.

N: National or local news?

Mo: National.

N: That's 7 to us. I'll check online since the TV isn't showing it in the line-up.

Three minutes later ...
N: Nothing on line. You sure?

Mo: They said it on the news. It could have been too last-minute for the Internet.

N: (Expression on face like AFLAC duck) Huh? The Internet is um, now.

Anonymous said...

My night just improved after visiting here, thank you for this.

Me: does my butt look large in these?

husband: no, but those jeans might be a little small.


Anonymous said...

I dare not go there. Nope. Some things are best left secret. Of course, you'll hear them should you ever find yourself in our corner of Georgia.

You could totally stay in your pjs and hang out on the front porch. Don't think we don't do the very same thing. No one here cares.

BTW, you have to see Dan in Real LIfe. Just watched it this evening and LOVED it.


Jennifer S said...

I love, love, love spending whole Saturdays in my PJs. If I didn't take the kids to church on Sundays (I go to Starbucks Church up the street), I would stay in them all day Sunday, too.

You guys are funny.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of any good overheards at this moment, but just wanted to say: love this post and this blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

it must be in the jeans...'cause you nieces love their pj days on the weekend!

Ari:mom, but i did not actually buy anything for dad for fathers day

Me: well we have these clothes for him that i ordered online.

Ari: but they are just shirts

Me: what did you want to get him

Ari: star wars action figures

Me: well we can get those at target

Ari: great, cause then i can play with them!

Uh Uh

Anonymous said...

Ann, i have to share another one...dont tell

I overheard R on the phone to his sister..."Mom will have a great time with us in Washington..."

Me: Rand you never told me you mother was coming with us to Washington.
R: Yes i did
Me: No you did not
R: Yes i did
Me: no you did not
R: Yes i did
Me: No you did not, because had you told me I of course would have gotten her a plane ticket to fly there.

R: Oh you did not get her a ticket
Me: NO
R: ok maybe i did not tell you!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog & the comments - it makes my day!

Kellan said...

These were all so funny - I liked the good night one - HA!

I'm Kellan - nice to meet you. SEe you soon.

Texasholly said...

My life would improve by 45% if Chipotle delivered...really!

I think you can't describe "bad weird" you just can recognize it when you see it.

Ann said...

OH MY - these are ALL SO FUNNY! Like a fly on the wall, LOVE the overheards!

And, if Chipotle delivered, wow - I think I'd be a total shut-in. But then, I'd need Sushi delivered too...

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

This happens quite often:

Y: What would you like for dinner?
M: Oh, whatever, doesn't matter.
Y: Ok, how about we order Chinese?
M: No, I don't want Chinese.
Y: Well, pizza then.
M: Neh, don't feel like pizza
Y: (getting a little annoyed)Hamburgers?
M: I'm not in the mood for hamburgers.
Y: (getting more annoyed)Grilled chicken?
Y: Well, you tell me what you want for dinner and we'll get it.
End of conversation....

Momisodes said...

I LOVE weekends in....And LOVE Chipotle too. ;)

Anonymous said...

On phone:

Josh: So what are you going to do tomorrow.

Lacy: It's a surprise. So you'll just have to wait to find out.

Josh: You'll tell me by bedtime tonight.

Lacy (mock horror): I don't spoil surprises.

Josh: You've never surprised me. Not since we've been married. You always tell me.

Lacy: You hate surprises anyway. What's the difference?

Josh: So then tell me.


Josh: Ha! You almost told me, didn't you? I nearly got you.

Lacy: Damn, damn, damn!

Now I absolutely can't tell him. Nope. I absolutely can't tell him that I'm coloring my hair back to blonde tomorrow. Oops. Well, you won't tell -- right?


Ann said...

YD - omg, you are so not alone.

Sandy - over here, we could LIVE on chipotle. Oh, cilantro how I love thee.

Lacy - Dying to know now if you caved and told him! CAVER!

Anonymous said...

Had to catch up on quite a few entries, but this one had me rolling. I will hop on the Chipotle bandwagon; when are they going to offer delivery, for the love of God?

Anonymous said...


what great overheard quotes. ;) the amsterdam one is pretty awesome. pot and shroooms baby


Clumbsy Cookie said...

I'm often called "a good weird". I've allways wonder what that was... Either that or "weird in a positif way". Does T have a brother? ;)

Lisa said...

LOL - oh how many times have I had the what do you want for dinner conversation! Love the gianduia too - can't wait to try some of that. you can have my 70% - light chocolate is my fav! (does it help to call it light chocolate instead of m*lk?)

Anonymous said...

You called me smokin' hot.

We are now full on best buds.

You rock!


hungryandfrozen said...

HA love this. Had a very similar conversation to you "am I weird" one just recently. It ended somewhat unresolved LOL.

Ann said...

Kelsey - Could NOT agree more. Been wondering for years why they don't deliver. I mean, they'd have world DOMINATION if they'd just deliver! Gawd!

Diva - Hee hee, you naughty kitten!

Clumbsy Cookie - T does have a bro - another T! But...taken...I'll keep my eyes open though, dang huh?

Lisa - it's really good! And yeah, I dig the white and not afraid to claim it! Love it all.

Lacy - I see you read my comment on your blog, lol. Smokin'!

Laura - See...I can totally see you being weird in the exact same way I am - bc I read your posts and see some of myself about 10 years ago, well, only you're way smarter. :)

Manager Mom said...

Now - if you could only have Chipotle DELIVERED.. that would have been the perfect weekend.