Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Forgive Me As I Obsess Right In Front Of You

Okay - you may notice I've been tinkering with my header - sounds kinky doesn't it? Well, it's not. It's enough to make a girl crazy - tinkering with the little thang above - the big block that you see when you arrive here that says "Velvet Lava etc.". Well, I've been fiddling and fussing and designing and re-designing and obsessing and re-obsessing and uploading and un-uploading. And, well - I'm trying this one out for a bit to see if it blows my hair back. So, while y'all are probably used to seeing the chocolate colored loveliness up-top - I simply just could not get this new one out of my mind - I keep coming back to it in my design program and fiddling. So, clearly - I MUST try it out before total insanity ensues and I run down the block naked or something. And of course, don't be surprised if by tomorrow - there is a new header with puppies all over it. It's my "normal" to change unexpectedly and I'm okay with it. At least that's what *they* tell me.

So, whadya think? New header or old header? Or, back to the fiddling board?


firefly546 said...

I say, if it makes you happy, do it. After while when it doesn't make you so happy anymore, do something else. "You've got to do what you love." (Quote from my art teacher, Mary Anne.)I think most of us come here for your amazing way with words, your wit, and the way you lead us into temptation with your food decadence.

firefly546 said...

Oh, yeah...it's a beautiful and refreshingly summery header, too. And I like it.

NV said...

I like it, but then i like the old one, too. Change is good every now and then, so shakin' it up is a positive thang. :-)

I've been meaning to monkey around with mine for some time. You may have given me that little push I need to finally do it.

Calla said...

I stumbled upon your blog last night, LOVE it, and this morning, barely 12 hours later, it's got a whole new look!

I like this one better :-)

Cam said...

Gorgeous header, dreamy and really quite a wow. I love it.

Razor Family Farms said...

Um... I can no longer recall your old header.

I must really like the new one!



Jennifer H said...

Since I had only one day to get attached to your old header...:-)

They're both great, but I love this one.

Lisa said...

Um, I am partial to the old one - but clearly you like the new one or it wouldn't be up there! But it's kind of soft focus-y and the rest of the blog is crisp, both your writing and your photos, so it seems a bit out of sync. Pretty, yes, but not so much in keeping with the rest of the page. but either way I'll stop by because it's the food! And now I've rambled on enough that you've probably changed it already. :)

Ann said...

Cam - thanks!

Lacy - LOL!

Jennifer - thanks :)

Lisa - most excellent point! I'm SO torn...I tried "combining" the two...to no avail...sigh.

Anonymous said...

The more kinky, the better.

Ann said...

ZickZick - LOL! Guess I better run down the street naked after all.