Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Frosting, Plus My Irrelevancy

No recipe for today - but nonetheless, I don't see anything wrong with posting some food porn. Who doesn't enjoy gazing at frosting and thinking about swimming in it, slathering it all over the house and all available bodies, or simply just dipping a finger, or an arm, in the poofy, sweet gorgaliciousness? You don't? Well, bear up as the rest of us need some new material. These naughty kittens were a guilt-bake that occurred the night after I made that utterly ridiculous cake, which nearly brought us to our knees. Fearing untold repercussions if I didn't bring something into work - because, that cake wasn't leaving our sight - I made another round of batter and made some Red Velvet cupcakes. So, enjoy.

On other fronts, I've officially moved into irrelevancy this week. I won't snore you with all the gory details, but let's just say this blog entails technical know-how far beyond my scope. As in, about 8 billion miles far, as in win the lottery far, I want to re-live high school far, I love my ass far. I've run across terms I don't get, social networking sites I'm not a part of, blog design platforms whose merits I can't really judge because I'm a clueless dork, html code and other nonsense which seems to be common sense to so many other relevant cool people.

I feel behind-the-times. I feel irrelevant. And I'm kind of taken aback. I was hip once - I cut my teeth on Black Flag and the Clash and Sonic Youth and I adored Gibby Haynes. I bought Sub Pop records before they were Sub Pop, I was a roadie for a summer, I dated a mohawk - I was in-the-loop for crap's sake! And no - we weren't "techy" - in fact, we were anything but - we were flannel and fatigues and combat boots and tangly hair meets baby doll dresses with a goth twist. We were music and anti-almost-anything - not just because, but because we didn't have a whole lot to warrant our support at the time. So we did our own thing, and pulled back from the rest of it. We were terribly misunderstood, of course - this Generation X of mine.

And then I read this article and I felt my Gen was validated. A fringe generation, yes, but no less valid or potent. If there are any fellow X-ers out there, it's a must read - and for those who think we X-ers are just a bunch of nutballs, might be worthwhile too. It's a great retrospective, though I suppose it just reinforces how I was once relevant, and am now just one ping away from driving slow in the left lane.


NV said...

Boy -- from one GenXer to another -- great article. And, because I am a GenXer, I think it's safe to say that I might as well slather that icing all over my hips and eliminate the middle woman! But because we're all irrelevant anyway, would anyone even notice? :-)

hungryandfrozen said...

Ohhhh that frosting. It's too late at night for me to cook a pudding but I want something so bad - like a vat of your cupcakes :) I'm a definite few years out of being a Gen-Xer, but don't like the idea of aligning myself with earnest Miley Cyrus fans and kids who grew up with cellphones...interesting article all the same.

For someone so out of touch with technology - and I'm basically going by trial and error myself with most things - your blog looks fab.

Laura :)

Ann said...

NV - lol, love the idea of just eliminating the middle woman! Brilliant.

Laura - Glad you liked the article, I just loved it. Thanks for the compliment on my techy blog, despite myself! ;)

Lisa said...

LOL - crap, try being a baby boomer and having everyone call you ma'am and your neice roll her eyeballs back into her head when you ask her how she can text and do homework and carry on a conversation all at the same time.

Anyway, meant to comment earlier on the red velvet cake - it is gorgeous beyond words - thank you thank you thank you for the recipe, esp. the frosting!

Ann said...

Hi Lisa - loved your comment! Your niece makes me feel like a slacker. So glad you enjoyed the frosting, it really is an addict's dream. ;)

Anonymous said...

I miss flannel shirts. *sigh* Especially right now because I think I just gained 5 pounds looking over your blog! YUM! You are going on my blogroll now for sure!

I'm glad you Twittered upon me too! Great site!

Ann said...

Kspin - thanks for stoppin' by. LOL - hope that weight comes off. Sorry 'bout that, girl! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great article, I'm an x-er and am passing it on. Will be back for the writing AND the food!