Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Close Your Eyes

I really love eating anything that forces me to close my eyes. It's the litmus test for all the "saved bookmarks" of my palate - creating little ticklers, little flags that remind me of what to look for when perusing recipes, menus, food-zines et al. There are certain lid-dropping foods that snag me without any pause for air: sushi, chocolate, east African cuisine (yes, that's right). What is it, anyway, that can cause such rapturous delight - to the point of wanting to close one's eyes to relish in this moment, to let the moment *have you* in it's fullest capacity? I suppose we could look to science and discuss the release of endorphins and what not. But I don't find that particularly "relishing".

I just think when we allow one of our senses, in this case taste, to be completely enveloped, indulged, engaged, embraced - we are quite literally ushered into the very *moment*, via that sensory explosion - and are able to savor that tasty little moment, for just what it is. So, open your mouth and close your eyes.


Anonymous said...

Beth and I sometimes make cake mix w/o the eggs and eat it raw. This does make me close my eyes in delight until the sugar high kicks in then they are wide open for about 4 hours.

Ann said...

See, darling e, I'm not the only freak in the mix! :) Dang, I love batter.

Anonymous said...

Hello :)
I never comment on food blogs, and I mean NEVER. There are times, however, when I fall so head-over-heels in love with a blog that I would feel guilty if I didn't leave a note! I love the variety of recipes, the beautiful pictures, and, surprisingly, your writing. I rarely read posts because... well... I just don't like to read. I'm a visual kind of guy, and I love porn of the food variety. BUT you are so well spoken and write so smoothly that it takes very little effort to read your stories. Bookmarking you!! Keep up the amazing 'work', I am a big fan.

Ann said...

Wow, Andrew - THANK YOU for such a wonderful comment! This is seriously one of the nicest comments I've ever received - and how great that you went back and left it on my very first post, for now I'll always know where it is :).

Thanks again. Means the world to me!