Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Between Desserts

We polished off the cake, it's gone. It was such a beauty, so elegant and frou frou.

Now, we're between desserts. It's not pretty. It ain't glamorous. Sometimes, it even borders on trashtastic - embarrassing really. But we just need a little ping of something sweet - a teaser, a chaser of what was or what's to be - just a little moment where we might flex the muscle of those taste buds whose power gives women pause to consider whether, given the option, which would they choose - chocolate or sex?

At any rate, we don't like to neglect these little sensory powerhouses between desserts. Our answer? Whip cream shots. Straight from the can. Shake it up, tilt head back, fill mouth. So damn good. Sweet, creamy, dessert-like, fluffy, totally satisfying. You know, I would really like to say something tres chic here to cancel out the aforementioned confession. But, there it is - it is there. An expensive handbag may swing from my arm, I may love a glass of Veuve Clicquot, and I adore good caviar - but yes, I do whip cream shots 'tween desserts. We do what it takes, folks.

Our other little bumper crop, as we await my next creation, is the divine little savior called the chocolate chip. I lay at its feet. It doesn't have feet. Correction: I lay at its proverbial feet. I now understand why the word "morsel" often denotes feelings such as endearment, beloved-ness, almost a soft tenderness. These little morsels are endeared to this household; not only do they morph into larger, grander, more beautiful creations - but they also help us through the lean times - when all we can do is grab a few little chocolate beauties, and let them slowly melt in our mouths. Mmm, chhhhhocolate. It's no Lava Cake, but it's a nibble - and sometimes it's the nibble that inspires me to search for the next new creation, or it's just the thing to get me through, or it's just the thing to bring me back...right into the moment, if need be.

So, no recipe here - no great tip or technique to parlay - just sharing the mid-week food slump, the ho-hum of leftovers or cereal dinners that are, quite pleasurably, broken up by little injections of some sweetness. How do you inject sweetness into your week?

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Anonymous said...

OMG, we do whip cream shots in our house too, so you're not alone. At least you make it look lovely in the picture...